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Key strategies to enhancing your ability to really hear what your clients and colleagues are saying to you!

In this workshop participants will develop strategies to master the art of listening.  Too often we are in a hurry to get to the next appointment, anxious to speak our own viewpoint, too focused on being “right”, or have too many “other things” going on in our mind that we fail to pay attention to the person speaking or asking a question.  Through understanding individual style differences, participants will learn how to adapt their skills to enhance their working relationships with clients and colleagues.

 Course Objectives

  • Explore the five approaches to listening
  • Understand how communication and listening styles affect your ability to effectively listen
  • Identify the barriers to listening
  • Develop strategies to activate effective listening skills when you need them the most (sales presentations, customer service, employee development, conflict in relationships, etc.)
  • Learn strategies to stay open and in discovery to deepen your understanding
  • Develop your own unique approach to listening that empowers you and your clients/colleagues.
Workshop Format
  •  Half to 1-Day (4-6-hour) Workshop

  •  In-house and public workshops


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