E-Mail Ė Itís Uses & Abuses
THE Productive USE OF E-MAIL In Your Company 

E-mail is a relatively new form of communication.  It's fast, immediate, and easy. Therein lie many of the challenges for using it effectively and productively.  Fast responses often circumvent the "second thought" that would have quelled the reactive response and brought a more productive solution.  The ease of multiple copies often leads to overloading company employees with needless reading or sorting thus reducing productivity.

Some people enjoy using and receiving e-mail.  Others see it as a chore with no personal connection and no interaction.  Some people read their own e-mail, others don't.  It can be seen as a way to enhance communication or a drain.  Certainly, it requires learning how to use it in a way that enhances company-wide productivity and makes the most of the advantages of this technology.

Who is this for?

This workshop is perfect for a company-wide rollout.  Itís for every employee who will use email, particularly for frequent users & abusers.

Course Objectives

  • Implement a company-wide prioritization system to allow more rapid responses to urgent and action-oriented e-mail 

  • Establish guidelines on when to use e-mail vs. other forms of communication

  • Identify challenges and difficulties in receiving and responding to e-mail within your company

  • Establish a company-wide understanding of effective e-mail communication practices

  • Learn the do's and don't of e-mail language

  • Reduce excessive and system-clogging e-mail activity

  • Develop action steps for each participant to make e-mail more productive


  • Facilitates users onto the right track regarding interpersonal communication
  • Prevents e-mail wars and breakdowns
  • Increases productivity and time use throughout the organization Facilitates clearer and more appropriate e-mail communication


Workshop Format

  •  Half to 1-Day (4-6-hour) Workshop

  •  In-house and public workshops

Contact our office at (703) 660-8522 for
upcoming dates and locations.  In-house customized dates available on request.


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