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At Pederson Consulting, we feel your website is as important to your business as your logo and business plan.   Our unique background in organizational development, online marketing and website development gives us a holistic approach to website design.  We will work with you to create a website that demonstrates your uniqueness and expresses the essence of your business.  We offer flexible planning options to fit your budget and business goals.


Are you looking for a company to help you design and manage your website project?  Our experienced staff will strategically work with you to develop a site that promotes your uniqueness, is user-friendly and cost effective. 

We will work with you to …

  • Assess your business and website goals.  We ask the right questions to assist you in formulating a clear vision for your website.  We also review your budget and offer reasonable solutions to attain your goals. 

  • Our website designers and graphic artists will work with you to create a theme and style for your website that is congruent with your vision.  Our design process strikes a balance between creativity, technology and functionality.   

  • We will work with you to develop text for your website that informs and sells your product and service.

  • We will manage the web hosting process for you so you can focus on your main business.

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Are you interested in designing your own website but don’t know where to start?  Do you already have a technical designer but need assistance with the creative process?  Let our knowledgeable staff coach you through the web development process.  We will walk you through our assessment and development process so you will have a clear vision of where to start and a road map to successfully finish your website project. 

Our Web Development Consultation Services include: 

Web Development Assessment
We will work with you to clarify your business and website development goals.
Through working with many businesses we have found that the web development process assists them in creating a great marketing tool for their business AND assists them in clarifying their business goals. 

Web Development Software and HTML Basics
If you are not familiar with web development software and HTML we will work with you one on one to review the basics so you can move forward with your web project.

Web Development Resources
We will provide you with web development resources that will assist you in developing a world class website on a limited budget.  Click here for resources.

Website Review
As you develop your website, we are available to review your progress and offer logistical and moral support.  Creating a website on your own can be difficult if you don’t have someone to bounce ideas off of and ask the “How do I do this?” questions.  Our staff provides the support you need --  in the form you need -- when you need it the most.  Click here to get started

Coming January 2005-

Website Development Workbook by Pederson Consulting
Email us and let us know what helpful hints you would like to see included in this workbook. Interested in reviewing the workbook?  Email us and we will give you a special discount off the purchase price if you agree to give us your feedback.


Do you have a current site that you would like us to review?  Our experienced staff will review your site and the websites of your competitors to give you a comprehensive assessment of how to improve your website for increased profitability.  Click here to get started


Our web development expertise does not end with the design process.  We will assist you in developing an online promotional strategy that will expand your business.  Click here to learn about our Online Marketing services.

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